My choreographic approach centers on physical interaction. I am fascinated with people as social creatures – how they play, fight, love and struggle in intimate pairings and in larger groups.  ~ Scott Wells


Scott Wells teaches contemporary dance technique, improvisation, contact and partnering.

Workshops also available for booking:

Ensemble States

Flying ≠ Jumping

Wrestling with Affection


Workshops offered:

Ensemble States

Sourcing–connecting with your body and spontaneity using authentic movement, the art of forgetting. Ensemble states–tuning exercises, composition and non-composition. Performance Jam–open space with intention and group focus, but less tight than a formal performance. Scores–the way in, Aesthetics–how we watch.

Basic Skills and Thrills

With trust + skill, pleasure + technique we will venture into the realms of contact. We will go for the pure contact moment and there will be lots of practical work for jumping, catching, landing, a variety of handstands and acrobatics. This skills based class is meant as preparation for jamming, choreography and to give you the tools to have your dance.


Flying ≠ Jumping

Lose your head to fly contact improvisation: Flight patterns, Fluid Acrobatics and Pure Contact

We will work for clear, satisfying contact improvisation in which pleasure is the first teacher. We will practice flying, catching, landing, fluid acrobatics, deft maneuvers. For the acrobatics in particular everyone will work at their own level and will learn best by building group safety and trust–I think everyone will do something they never expected.

We will practice integrating the flying and acrobatics into the contact flow. That is: aerial interactions that increase the contact. Jumping ≠ Flying because jumping is is a muscular action, whereas flying is a joint nervous system based and is affected greatly by emotions and attitude.

Wrestling with Affection

We start with seeking the softest connective contact. Then we venture into wrestling accessing a wide range of feelings, play, and sensuality. Introduction to techniques for safe and aggressive contact including soft takedowns, resistance and collaboration. Safety, listening, ease and quick reflexes are emphasized for this style of contact improvisation.

Unstrictly Ballroom

Intuitive ballroom, contact improv, moving through space, into and out of contact, engaging solos and many partners. PLUS: Acrobatics: a couple fun new tricks; everybody learns something new, everybody gets the necessary support.