People often see relationships or stories in my dances. However, I consider myself a formalist. There may be narrative images, but no stories. I view content as moment that spice the form and flow of a work. I am concerned with the larger picture – the arc, pace and overall structure. Even the humor in dances has an effect on the flow of the work. ~ Scott Wells


The World Premiere

Muscle Memory

Dec 5-8
Dance Mission Theater

**Scott Wells is a two time winner of the Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Choreography**

Scott Wells and Dancers

SCOTT WELLS & DANCERS ANNOUNCES THE WORLD PREMIERE OF Muscle Memory Choreography: Mira Barakat, Brenton Cheng,  Megan Lowe, Scott Wells and Shira Yaziv Thursday – Sunday, December 5-8 at Dance Mission Theater
In “Muscle Memory” tango meets acrobatics within a story of queer romance and the search for a lost middle-eastern home; by Scott Wells & Dancers. In “Finger Trap”, by Megan Lowe Dances, Megan Lowe and Brenton Cheng dive deep into physical puzzles while treading on the surface of shared ancestry. Also featuring “Quick Twitch” by SW&D, an ensemble work exploring social forces and human catapults. Tickets: $20-25