People often see relationships or stories in my dances. However, I consider myself a formalist. There may be narrative images, but no stories. I view content as moment that spice the form and flow of a work. I am concerned with the larger picture – the arc, pace and overall structure. Even the humor in dances has an effect on the flow of the work. ~ Scott Wells


The World Premiere

On the Occasion of Our 25th Anniversary and Eviction
Kathleen Hermesdorf and
Scott Wells ask
“Was that good for you?”

**Scott Wells is a two time winner of the Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Choreography**

Scott Wells and Dancers

25th Anniversary Home Season

December 1, 2 and 7-10, 2017 at Dance Mission Theater
All shows at 8pmSunday Dec. 10 Matinee at 4pm

Wells and Hermesdorf first moved to SF together 25 years ago as two young artists, engaged to be married and ambitious to start their dance careers. Half of that worked out, with Danceground as their launch pad. The new piece revisits their last collaboration 20 years ago when they danced with tape measures. Reworking this piece in the context of eviction and the struggle to make a career out of dance, the tape measure evokes metaphors for measuring time passed, the high commodity of physical space (Wells moved out of Danceground 25 years to the day of moving in), and what has been lost and gained through the years. Looking back on our careers, we ask each other, “was that good for you?”

Also, on the bill will be Wells’ Ballistic2, an updated, restaged Izzy Award winner and audience favorite. With it’s spectacular visuals and NEW over-the-top finale Ballistic2 will be the perfect dance for the 25th Anniversary.

What the critics said of Hermesdorf & Wells:
“When people line up halfway around the block, as they did for the Wells and Hermesdorf, you know the word has gotten out…When they first hit the Bay Area three years ago they were very much a twosome, turning heads with their raw physicality, impish sense of humor and considerable formal abilities.”   Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian 1994.

Zack Bernstein
Virginia Broyles
Sebastian Grubb
Kyle Her
Aaron Jessup
Megan Lowe
Shira Yaziv

December  1, 2, and 7-10, 2017
Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays @ 8pm
Sunday Matinee:  December 10 at 4pm.
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th Street (corner Mission)
$20-28,  (Thursday, December 7: Pay what you want!)