Zero to Flying
February 22,23
Athletic Playground and Finnish Hall

early bird 25% off until February 1

After teaching workshops last year in Budapest, Bucharest, Berlin, London, Turin, Naples, Lodz, Wurzburg, Koln, Hamburg, the Bavarian Alps, and Vienna I’m excited to bring the work back home.
We’ll learn techniques and trajectories towards a space that supports freedom of flight and expression. We’ll be doing my favorite contact exercises and current curiosities. Created or learned over the decades investigation and indulgence.  And, yes, practical lifts for jamming.

At The Athletic Playground we’ll use the fabulous mats to learn a variety of acrobatic/contact maneuvers including contact flips. Lest this seems too much for you, know that after a lifetime of fear and inability to do flip pathways I did at age 50. Mats and group support will give us safety to try new things. With repetition we become oriented and tricks become skills. There’s lots of support and breakdown of skills for beginners, along with challenging work for the advanced.. Disorientation + safety = expansion of movement possibilities and of sense and motor experience. In fact it will take us into “states” work.

Morning session: 11am-1:30pm at the Finnish Hall (1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley)
Saturday Afternoon session: 3-6pm at Athletic Playground
Sunday is all day at Finnish Hall

Both days: $200 
Single day: $145 

25% off by February 1st!

sign up at athleticplayground.com

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