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**Scott Wells is a two time winner of the Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Choreography**

World Premiere January 30- February 8, 2015

Scott Wells & Dancers and ODC Theater Co-Present:

The why ask why we dance dance

Thrilling Recklessness”, Rachel Howard, SF Chronicle

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 2014 – Scott Wells & Dancers is proud to announce the world premieres of The why ask why we dance dance and Mutually Assured on January 30- February 8, 2015 at ODC Theater.

For their 22 nd home season, SW&D turns inward to explore our motivation for movement, cultivate and dissect the very seeds of why we dance at all.  Known for explosive, humorous and highly collaborative dances, SW&D has, created many dances in collaboration with athletic, non-dancers (eg, freerunners, skateboarders, acrobatics, jugglers and boxers), in works that are usually framed around specific sets (a parkour gym) or props (bouncing balls).

In contrast, SW&D will develop the work with highly trained technical dancers, who draw upon backgrounds of ballet, modern, contemporary and contact improvisation / partnering.  The framework for this dance will be the question, “why do we dance?” and will showcase contending approaches to dancing and making dance.  Each of these approaches will be driven by the dancers’ personal stories and motivations for dances.  Due to their varying training, there will be conflicting approaches to how they source their dance making.

Also on the bill is Mutually Assured a humorous and touching attempt towards mutual understanding and the art of translation.  This dance draws on Wells’ projects in Russia (2009, 2014) and  Erika Tsimbrowsky will collaborate in its creation. Tsimbrowsky creates intense imagistic work that can both confound and captivate the viewer, which provides a fascinating counter to Wells’ straightforward and raw approach.Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and may be purchased online at or by calling the ODC  Theater box office at 415-863-9834, Monday through Friday from 12-3pm.